Italian Greyhound Health
Early Detection Test for Thyroid Disease by Oxford Laboratory
Affordable, effective, and easy test for autoimmune thyroiditis that can be done in your own home.   
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Recommended Health Testing

1. Brucellosis. While brucellosis is not an inherited disease, it is a sexually transmitted disease and can infect humans. Therefore, the IGCA recommends brucellosis testing of all breeding stock prior to each breeding.
2. CERF ( Canine Eye Registry Foundation) eye exams annually until age 10.
3. OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) hip x-rays and patella evaluation once after age two.
4. OFA thyroid testing annually from ages two to four and then bi-annually until age eight.
The Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) is an organization that was founded by a group of concerned, purebred owner/breeders who recognized that the quality of their dog's lives were being affected by heritable eye disease. CERF was then established in conjunction with cooperating, board certified, veterinary ophthalmologists, as a means to accomplish the goal of elimination of heritable eye disease in all purebred and recently hybrid dogs by forming a centralized, national registry.
Autoimmune Study - Italian Greyhounds
A DNA study in the genetics of the Italian Greyhounds.